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Update Post I am back from my summer vacation! I have plenty of photos which I regularly update on my Instagram account @eatclicktravelrepeat. Same photos are uploaded on Fb page of Eat Click Travel Repeat.  

Thursday quick smoothie

Pineapple and banana smoothie! Oh yes,  but with coconut water to give hint of pinacolada. This refreshing smoothie is a must after a massive workout.  Blend 1 cup of pineapple slices with 1 banana, 100ml coconut water, a pinch of turmeric powder, 1tbsp yogurt and atleast 200ml milk. Add chia  seeds, museli, and pumpkin seeds…

Smoothie Designs

I wanted to publish these smoothie designs since quite some months now. I have smoothie recipes on the blog with these designs, yet still many of them remain as some unpublished posts. I wonder if I will ever publish the recipes,  but the smoothie pictures are just too good not to share hence had to…


Sigtuna is a small locality situated to the north of Sweden and part of Stockholm municipality. There are mere 9000 inhabitants (according to 2010 census). Sigtuna is famous for historical reasons. Today it is known for ruins, old buildings and wooden houses. It’s easy to take a Pendeltåg (local commuter train) from Stockholm central station…

Farasbi chi bhaaji (Stir-fry green beans)

Green beans are called “Farasbi/Farasbee or Pharasbi” and bhaaji means a vegetable preparation (in this case) in Marathi language. I am a fan of this green vegetable since childhood. Stir-fry green beans are usually served with roti/ poli/ chapati. I was a good kid who ate the vegetables served in the plate without complains. Actually with…

Avocado smoothie

I am aware, I am posting many smoothie recipes on this blog. But, I am not even apologetic about it. Everyone needs to try smoothies.  It’s fun to blend fruits and veggies in least imaginable combinations and quantities to create a coherent taste. Of course, a dominant fruit always acts a base taste in these…

Julmarknaden in Stortorget, Gamlastan 

Here are some pictures from the Christmas market held in the centre of Stockholm. Its held in Stortorget of Gamlastan. Ohh! It was buzzing with so much excitement among the people. Christmas shopping has officially started. I think this is the first market in Stockholm. There will be many more markets held during the next…

Honey chili tofu

Have you seen online videos of honey chili chicken recipes on social sites and wondered can it be done with tofu? Yes, exactly what I did. I just substituted protein from one of those recipes with the ingredients and things I had in hand to make a yummilicious, delicious and awesome honey chili tofu recipe….

Colorful 4 smoothies

What kind of exercises or health routines do you follow? I tell you what I like to follow these days. After working out I turn to smoothies. These 4 smoothie recipes are just the ones I tried last week.

Mellow smoothie :)

  It has started snowing here since last weekend. Winter is here!! It has snowed a lot already and the roads are already murky. I played a lot on the very first day of snow. I made the snow fairy, had my snow fight, tried to build a snow man and tried to play basketball…

Stir-fry zoodles and caroodles!

Try making zoodles again ..but along with Caroodles.. Heard about them?? I coined this name..for my carrot noodles 🙂 To all the healthy eaters out there, try this recipe and let me know if you liked it 🙂

Happy Diwali 

Wish you a very happy, healthy  and prosperous Diwali ! !  Shubh Deepavali ! !